Why I Started My Vegan Journey?



hat drove me to veganism? The brief answer: Great nourishment, incredible individuals in an intoxicating extraordinary location. Anybody would have agreed to accept the advantages and vibes I got when acquainted with the way of life.

I began my vegan travel in far away Salvador, Brazil when I ran into the wonderful soul Jazz Baptiste. I was experiencing a sincerely depleting separation from my ex-husband and was looking for a safe space to breathe. I required a clear head, peace, an enhanced well-being and generally speaking an adjustment in energy. I was intoxicated and filled with anger for everything and basically, I ignored the fact that I was alive and had to be grateful for that. Jazz help me kick-start my new perspective by taking control of my outrage and discharging it from my soul soundly through fitness, changes in diet, meditation and persistent moments of thankfulness. I was able to connect with God and nature in ways I hadn’t encountered or even comprehended until the point that it happened; this began with one tiny adjustment, the ingestion of any animal products.

“I often say it’s simple, forgetting that living positive in a toxic environment isn’t simple at all”

It was expected to reinvent my energy, activities, responses and the way I think; an expectation that was nothing short of months of reprogramming. It required me to unlearn living habits that were major components in my cultural upbringing. It’s not simple abandoning educational knowledge while compounding insight with encounters to create a journey that is safe to travel physically, emotionally and spiritually.

After 6 weeks in such a beautiful space (emotionally and physically) I found myself more than refreshed, I found myself strengthened on all levels of my conscious existence, physical presence and emotional bandwidth.  I continued on my vegan journey with mistakes and self created setbacks along the way. I returned to Los Angeles with awaking but weak in my consistency with meditation and gratefulness.  Los Angeles physically drained, however, feeble in my consistency with reflection and at times, using my comfort as an excuse not to remain focused on one change; causing me to lose clarity of the journey.  And when I would fall weak to my previous habits, I found myself also not staying committed to my body’s health or the proven ways that healed me while in Brazil.  These mistakes led to physical illness and a negative emotional relapse.  So, I began once again from the very beginning with all that I learned while I was with Jazz. I became committed again, did a lot of research and met with other Vegans.  I started traveling on on a higher frequency while discovering that the body’s wellbeing is comprised of more than the physical being.


I trust my adventure, mistakes and success lead you to start your own journey on establishing the life you want and becoming the individual you need to be. I trust Sunset Rose will be suitable for your growth as seeds are planted and with nourishment, direction and the patience you will blossom towards fulfilment. I hope your beacon of light will share your happiness to those that might be oblivious to the wonders of life. While your body starts to free itself of toxins, I move you to accept this open door to expel different poisons from other areas of your life and urge you to begin with negative thoughts.

Being aware of the food you are ingesting will make you mindful of the energies that you are surrounded by and will lead you to where you will understand the committed changes of your present, clarity of your future and a strong understanding of your past.

This post is about me but this story can become about you, the most fulfilled you, the best you that you are, desire to be and will become. This journey is about the change that will transform you, not me. It is about your growth, not mine. We are here together, heading to the same destination but on different paths. You will not be alone in this voyage but in the end, you will be accountable for being the best that you can ever be.



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