Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunset Rose is a community dedicated to uplifting spirits interested in embarking on a journey of gratitude through veganism, traveling, fitness and enlightenment. The grateful soul behind Sunset Rose is Arayna Eison, a creative spirit from New Orleans, LA that has a small town heart with a global perspective and wants you to embark on a journey with her to becoming a citizen of humanity though transformative change of self.

I started my enlightenment journey in Salvador, Brazil when I crossed paths with the beautiful soul Jazz Baptiste.  I was going through a very emotionally draining divorce and found myself in search of safe space in the world.  I needed clarity, peace, improved health and overall a change in energy.  I was living a toxic existence holding on to everything I was losing and not being grateful for everything I had including simply just being alive.  Jazz help me to begin my journey of living and stop just existing in life, by taking control of my anger and releasing it from my spirit in a healthy way through meditation, dietary changes, fitness and consistent moments of gratefulness.  I was able to connect with mother earth and god in ways I hadn’t experienced or even understood until it occurred, this started with one simple change in my diet (removing of animal products). I ofter say it’s simple forgetting that living positive in a toxic environment wasn’t simple at all. It required me to reprogram my thoughts, actions, reactions and my energy. It required me to unlearn my education while compounding my knowledge with experiences to create path that was welcoming to others.

After 6 weeks in such a beautiful space, I found myself more than refreshed, I found myself rebooted physically, mentally and emotionally. I continued on my vegan journey with hiccups and mistakes along the way. I returned to Los Angeles with awaking but weak in my consistency with meditation and gratefulness.  Often using convenience as a reason to not stay committed to the change. And when I would fall weak to my previous habits, I found myself also not staying committed to my body’s health in the ways that healed me.  These mistakes led to physical ailments and negative emotional relapse and didn’t allow me to be the person I wanted to be. The person I found when I was committed to the journey and understanding of my existence as a piece of the world’s puzzle.  So I started over from day one with everything I learned while I was in Brazil. I started researching, connecting with other vegans and found myself traveling on a higher frequency while learning that the body’s health is made up of more than the physical being.

During this time, I felt my spirit didn’t belong anywhere, it was on a journey that led me to everywhere. I started planning my next trip and was always on a google safari of what else is out there? How else can I grow? What other seeds can be planted to help me reach a place of enlightenment? I found myself meditating in Bali, Zanzibar, Tokyo and finding ways to continue on this journey of physical and spiritual healing.  I found myself chasing the sunsets across the globe.

I hope my journey, my mistakes and my successes lead you to start your journey to creating the life you want and being the person you want to be.  I hope Sunset Rose can become a place for you to grow as seeds are planted and with nourishment, guidance and patient you find yourself growing to enlightenment while sharing your joy to those that may be lost in the dark or batteries to low to shine.  You body will begin to rid itself of toxins and healing from within. You will become conscious of your ingestion of certain foods while being aware of the energies you surround yourself with. These two components will lead you to place of understanding of your past, clarity of your future and committed changes of your present.

Sunset Rose is about being you, the best you, the best you that you are, want to be and will be.  Sunset Rose is your journey not mine, its your growth not mine, it is your story not mine.  It’s just our community together.

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